Chicago WGN News Visits LSF

To understand what drives a person to want to lock themselves in a cage and face a flurry of fists and kicks to the gut, you have to understand the blow that brought them there. It was a dark moment 10 years ago that was ultimately the beginning of everything [...]

Weight Loss Schaumburg IL

The weight loss industry is a staggering multi-billion dollar business. Diet pills, supplements, and interesting tools are being used to promote weight loss now a day. People lose and gain weight for different reasons. People try to lose weight in order to gain healthy lifestyle or confidence, and on the other [...]

Advantage of group training in Schaumburg

  The advantage of group training includes a fitness trainer from the gym. The trainer is responsible for leading a group of participants in their path of fitness. Participants in the training sessions also have a benefit to take advantage of knowledgeable fitness professionals at distributed costs. The group training is [...]

Is Peanut Butter SAFE? (does it make you fat?)

Let's talk about peanut butter for a second and clear up some opinions you might have regarding healthy meals. The reason you don't hear peanut butter being brought up in diets regularly is that peanut butter brands add preservatives and sugar to their products. On top of that peanut butter comes [...]

10 habits of successful people (done before 9am)

When you see successful people you can't help but feel impressed with how they move through the day. It seems like they are never overwhelmed, stressed out, or lose their cool under pressure. Knowing that makes us ask the question “how do they do it?” What helps their success is [...]

How Drinking Water Can Help With Weight Loss

  If you just focus on drinking water without changing your diet and exercising, it can still get you impressive progress toward your weight-loss goals. The reason water is a factor in weight-loss is the effect it has on metabolism and its ability in burning calories.     Dehydration Drawbacks [...]