Simple Ways to Get Strong in 2022

Fear not as it’s not impossible to get in shape for 2022. But instead of going cold turkey and starting to exercise and diet like there is no tomorrow

We recommend following a more sensible approach, one that takes into account that significant lifestyle changes take time to implement.

Tune-in now to learn more about LSF member Rosa and how she lost 30 pounds in 12 months!

Step #1 – Watch the entire video with Marciea and Rosa
Step #2 – Find Out How You Can Get Strong in 2022
Step #3 – Apply it to your lifestyle

0:30 HerStory
1:09 Finding Motivation
2:11 How to Start
3:35 Non-Scale Victories
4:49 Not Sexy Things
6:07 Advice to Women
7:54 LSF Favorites