Meet Emma Acevedo:

Why did you want to become a member at LSF?

I became an LSF member because I loved the idea of an all female exercise studio. I wanted to lose weight, be more fit and healthy, and gain strength.

What are some mental and physical changes you have seen so far?

Mentally and physically since joining 2 years ago, I’ve gained more confidence, lost weight, can fit into smaller sizes, and more active. I’m a happy person but became even more happier with myself physically.

Describe the culture at LSF?

LSF has such a positive, encouraging, and motivating community and spirit. We all support and uplift each other especially during these difficult times. It’s not all about exercise and nutrition. They also make it fun and exciting like with goat yoga, paint and pour, opposite sex challenge, and Orenda(the yearly celebration party).

What are your goals moving forward?

My goals are to continue losing weight, to instill and maintain a healthier eating habit, to continue getting stronger and challenging myself, and to continue learning. Joining LSF was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have the best coaches at LSF. Thank you Marciea, Brittany, and the Green Squad for helping me through this journey!!