Amy has been a member at LadyStrong Fitness since September of 2017 and became our Membership Specialist in April 2019! Amy started her fitness journey at LadyStrong and has lost over 35 pounds and over 12 inches since officially becoming LadyStrong.

She is a very active “dog mom” and has a very apparent weak spot for adopting senior dogs. She dreams of one day opening a senior dog sanctuary and LSF has definitely given her the drive to accomplish that goal.

Much like other women that come through the LSF doors, Amy has struggled with weight loss nearly her entire life and has failed at every attempt. LSF has given her the tools to not only lose the weight, but keep it off and build strength! She loves surrounding herself with like-minded women at LSF and has developed many life-long friendships. She truly has a passion for helping others get through the tough times and will keep your spirits up the moment you meet her