How Drinking Water Can Help With Weight Loss


If you just focus on drinking water without changing your diet and exercising, it can still get you impressive progress toward your weight-loss goals. The reason water is a factor in weight-loss is the effect it has on metabolism and its ability in burning calories.



Dehydration Drawbacks

Lack of water in your diet can inhibit your weight loss. You can count calories and work out, but if you are dehydrated your body can’t function correctly. Your liver and kidneys are the most impacted by dehydration. If your kidneys become dehydrated, it hands off responsibility to the liver.

The liver controls the body’s metabolism, but by having to do the work of two organs the liver can’t convert fat into energy correctly. Dehydration is never good when you are trying to lose weight  – don’t let dehydration become an unexpected and unnecessary obstacle.



Water Benefits


Hydrating your body powers your workout. Water is the delivery system for nutrients for the body. During your workout, water does the following:

  • flushes toxins out of the body
  • prevents muscle cramps
  • keeps joints lubricated
  • feeds oxygen and nutrients to your muscles

Many activities are going on under the surface of your workout. Staying hydrated allows the body to function at its best to burn calories.



Hydrating Your Diet

Controlling calorie intake is important to losing weight. Water consumption is essential for calorie control. Drinking water thirty minutes before a meal will reduce the calories you consume.

Your mind can’t tell the difference between water or food – it is just fuel to burn. Drinking water before a meal gives your stomach a feeling of being full so you will consume less food. The bonus is that water has zero calories, which helps you shed pounds.



Make Water Less Plain

How Drinking Water Can Help With Weight Loss


Drinking more water all day can get tedious – Flavored water is a nice way to keep your water intake exciting. You can use herbs, vegetables, and fruit combinations for a unique flavor blend to your water. Use Google to look up flavor water recipes  – there is a ton of flavor options available for every palate. You can also create your own, just have fun with it!


“You can even use seltzer water to add bubbles to the water.”


Switching your beverage choice to a zero calorie drink like hellowater® is an excellent way to reduce calories in your diet.



Think Before You Flavor

It is best to avoid diet drinks when possible. More often than not, those supplements come with added sugar and calories. It’s better to naturally flavor your water with fruits and vegetables. It’s okay to buy flavored water from stores, just be sure to check the label on the back for calorie and sugar content.




If you want to get the weight loss results you want, take up drinking water. Water helps the body perform well during a workout and helps you control the number of calories you consume. Flavor your water, but cautious of the store-bought versions.