Meet Sara Zalhman:

I wanted to become a LSF member because I needed a structured more disciplined way of making working out a regular part of my life. Also, I didn’t know it when I started but I soon found that working out regularly really helps a lot of my auto immune disease’s/pain.

My physical challenges/changes started with having very little strength to building a very good amount of strength in my body…..then being set back by surgery and having to start all over again, but I did it and I’m even stronger than where I left off before surgery. I went from not being able to lift cat litter and cases of water to being able to move them like nothing. Mentally that set back of
surgery was hard to absorb but with the support of all my green ladies I got through it. My mindset has gone from “everything hurts and I’m in no shape to do much” to “bring it! I got this!” Modifications are nothing to be ashamed of.

I love the support and diversity in LSF gym. We are like minded women who work together to support and build each other up. Its motivating and humbling to get that kind of support from other women.

My goal(s) moving forward would have to be to maintain my strength, continue positive food choices and use my experiences in the gym both physically and socially to keep my mindset in life as a whole grounded. My goal is to keep building on my self improvement.