Meet Margaret Urbanczyk:

Why did you want to become a member at LSF?
I started looking into some of the local studio gyms to try their programs and that’s how I found LSF. I metwith Brittany one morning and signed up for two-week free trial. After attending few classes I knew right away that this was a type of gym I was looking for. I have been a member at LSF for over 2 years now.

What are some mental and physical changes you have seen so far?
Some of the mental changes I have notice are increase in energy, better sleep and relieves stress. The physical changes I have notice are improvement in muscle strength and endurance and weight loss management.

Describe the culture at LSF?
The culture on LSF is very positive. For the most part everyone is so friendly and helpful. The coaches are amazing. They inspire and motivate us every day. They push and encourage us to work harder and harder to achieve better results. They make sure we exercise with the proper form to eliminate potential injuries. I love the structure of the workout itself and I like the recent update of the equipment The workouts are high intensity and challenging. I know in fact that some of these workouts I would never complete on my own.

What are your goals moving forward?
I try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week and manage my diet at the same time. My goal going forward is keep up with this routine and loose 10lbs.