Meet Megan Warrick:

I wanted to become a member because going to a basic gym and working out by myself wasn’t working for me. I wanted someone to push me and to feel more included. LSF definitely does that for me.

Mentally and physically all the changes I’ve seen are fantastic. I’ve met so many great women that has helped mentally push myself more because they’re all so motivating, and physically I’m finally seeing progress and moving in the right direction the loss of body fat I’ve seen so far is the best part for me.

The culture at LSF is full of positivity everyone is all about helping everyone else and it’s hard to find a place like that it’s inclusive and friendly. Member Of The Month- November 2019

My goals are to get my weight and body fat to a point that I’m happy with but also just to be stronger mentally and physically I want this to become a full lifestyle , and I know here that’ll happen for me.