Meet Vivian Henkel

Why did you want to become a member at LSF?

I wanted to become a member of LSF because I wanted to lose weight, manage my health, and make new friends. My main reason to become an LSF Member was to join a gym to lose weight, decrease my high cholesterol, and manage my high blood pressure by getting down to a healthy BMI. I needed to find a solution, because if I had prolonged my problem I was at risk of having a stroke or heart problems. I wanted to be healthy and keep up with my 7 year old and 3 year old sons. Being a Stay At Home Mom and the only female in my household, I felt I needed to find a club or group to make new female friends and build friendships. I have always believed that working out with a friend can be a great motivation and support at the gym to achieve my fitness goals. I really love how all your members inspire each other and I want to be part of this atmosphere. I’ve joined many gyms and had expensive personal training before, but never achieved the results
that I was satisfied with. I really enjoy the coach/group class and find it fun and motivating by having guidance and the push to reach my potential. Plus, I wanted to learn more about nutrition and healthy habits by signing on to the Platinum Package and see what other fitness goals I can achieve. I’m very happy that my friend Megan Warrick who was an LSF Member introduced me to LadyStrong.

What are some mental and physical changes you have seen so far?

Mental changes I’ve noticed is that I’m very clear-headed, more energetic, and feel better after workouts to relieve my daily stress. Working out has improved my mood and self esteem. Physical changes that I have noticed and most proud of is the 3.5 inches lost in my waist, the 1.5 inches lost in my hips, and how toned my arms are.

Describe the culture at LSF?

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you always feel a sense of belonging that you have become part of a big family. “You can do it motto at any age.”I feel very comfortable now in going into the workouts with confidence being over 40.

What are your goals moving forward?

Losing 5-10 more lbs, strengthening my core, and building abs. I would like to “getmore stronger and be able to pull-up over the bar. Learning more about nutrition, healthy habits, and cook meals to help with my weight loss journey. Work on a figure that I can be happy wearing a bathing suit in the summer.