Congratulations, to Melissa Regilio Revane for being nominated February Member of the Month.

Melissa became a member because she wanted to get healthier and stronger. Now that her kids are a older, it’s important for Melissa to lead by example. Since, joining Melissa has noticed more muscle definition in her legs and arms alongside strongerendurance.

Emotionally, Melissa, says it’s still very hard for me to get up and go to the gym almost everyday, but she feels so good when her workout is done and that feeling stays with her the rest of the day. One thing Melissa loves at LSF, is how supportive the coaches and members are. She loves that everyone is at different fitness levels.

Some days, she’s working with someone stronger than her, and it really pushes her a bit harder. Other days, she’s working with someone who she knows may need that same push from me, so She feels responsible to push herself a bit harder.

Melissa has osteoporosis and have tried to work through injuries. She loves that the coaches are constantly checking in asking how her past injuries are and if she needs any modifications.

Melissa goals moving forward are to continue working out 5-6 days a week and continue to get stronger. We are so proud of you are LadyStrong!