Meet LSF member Carolyn Vetter. When Carolyn first came to LSF she was extremely reserved. It wasn’t until Carolyn began to take part in the LSF activity’s by joining the annual LSF Orenda Gala and Orenda Retreat where she then began to connect with the LSF community. 

After attending  the Orenda Gala Carolyn’s mindset shifted from go getter to unstoppable and since then she has lost a total of 36lbs!

If you haven’t heard her story…

Carolyn joined March of 2019. Shortly after joining in June Carolyn started the LSF precision nutrition program and in just 4 short months she’s lost almost 15lbs and 11 inches in her waist!

She’s gained a HUGE amount of confidence in her eating rituals and habits, she has learned strategies to set herself up for success long term and she’s learning what it means to truly live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle! You Are #LadyStrong