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LadyStrong Fitness is designed exclusively for women!

We have created a new boutique studio for women that allows them the opportunity to have an exciting workout in a safe and comfortable atmosphere! With our 60 minute semi-private classes, certified group trainers and energizing music our members are sure to come out sweating, laughing and feeling EMPOWERED!

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LadyStrong Fitness Leadership Team

Marciea Allen
Marciea AllenCEO
Marciea popularized the concept of programming workouts, and co-founded a fitness studio called LadyStrong Fitness (formerly known as Midwest Performance) that helps hundreds of women getting their fitness and health into a sustainable lifestyle.
Brittany Welk
Brittany WelkCOO
Brittany Welk is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker. Brittany’s been involved in the fitness and health industry since 2012.
Ashley Suski
Ashley SuskiStudio Manager
Ashley has been a member at LadyStrong Fitness since July of 2017. Ashley became our Studio Manager in January of 2018!
Katrina Spencer
Katrina SpencerAssistant Manger
Katrina has been a member since April of 2017. Her love for lady strong fitness grew each day and she decided she had to be a part of it.

Our Openings

LadyStrong Fitness Membership Specialist – Shaumburg, Illinois


LadyStrong Group Trainer – Shaumburg, Illinois


LadyStrong Fitness Staff

Gabrielle Duprey
Gabrielle DupreyMember Specialist
Gabby joined LadyStrong Fitness as a member in Feb of 2017. She joined our Green Squad as a Membership Specialist in August of 2017.
Amy Ballard
Amy BallardMembership Specialist
Amy has been a member since 2017 and became our Membership Specialist in April 2019!

Tiffany Rickelman
Tiffany RickelmanGroup Trainer
Tiffanys’s been a lifelong athlete that took a 10 year hiatus gaining and losing over 70 pounds.

Lauren Bentz
Lauren BentzGroup Trainer
Lauren has been a member since May of 2017, and officially joined the green squad in January 2018.
Tashona Griffin
Tashona GriffinGroup Trainer
Tashona Griffin became a member in May 2017. Throughout her life she fluctuated between a 30 lb range.
Briana Orozco
Briana OrozcoGroup Trainer
Having been an athlete her entire life, Briana learned the importance of having a healthy body and spirit.