The Coffee with MP Show Ep060

Episode 060 Summer is Coming, Are You Ready?

Today’s topic we ask you, summer is quickly approaching are you ready to wear that swim suit?

Prepare your body for summer by starting early.

Avoid a mad panic just before summer hits by slowly easing into a summer body preparation routine.

Shed the winter blues by getting outdoors and moving more, and look after your body adjusting your fitness and nutrition regimen.

It’s all about creating healthy habits and, come summer, your body will love you for it! Prep your body for summer!

:45 – 1:25 Women’s Weight Loss Secrets Book Coming Soon!

1:57 – 3:35  How do you get summer ready?

4:00  – 5:30 Post a picture?

5:34 –  6:49 Don’t set yourself up for failure?

6:50 – 7:35 Create one habit at a time

7:36 – 8:46 Pull out your summer clothes

8:47 – 9:35 Buy clothes true to your size

9:36 – 11:18 Be proud of the way you look

11:19 – 12:36 Lose your excuses

12:37 – 13:26 Don’t take drastic measures

13:27 – 15:09 Don’t wait, get started now!

15:10 – 15:48 – Wrap Up

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