The Coffee with MP Show Ep058

Episode 058 How to Effectively Lose Weight

Regardless of what stage in your fitness journey your are in, do you haven all the resources you need to successfully reach your goal? 

If not, that’s ok! We’re going to share with you several pieces to the puzzle you may be missing. Enjoy! 

1:08 – 1:30 Exciting News

2:00 – 7:00  Sharing Weight Loss Secrets 

7:18  – 7:35 Tactile Advise (Set a Goal)

8:13 – 9:37 Take Baby Steps 

9:42 – 11:25 Start Drinking Lots of Water

11:30 – 13:06  Track Your Food 

13:12 – 15:05 Find a Workout Program for you

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